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At "IEROKIPIO" we offer a wide range of services addressing critical ecological issues around sustainable, regenerative practises aiming to replenish and restore natural ecosystems. Our services include many fields such as water managementsoil fertilityerosion controlanimal and tree ecosystems, design, building and education.  We also offer retreats that are designed to recreate the permaculture lifestyle, aiming to rejuvenate people through Yoga, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Arts, Holistic Therapies, and many more. Every action we take follows and honours the ethics and principles of permaculture (Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share), and it incorporates the aesthetics part in our designs.  To learn more about our services, please contact us.


Ierokipio Permaculture Land and Training Center offers a number of retreats in yoga, health, nutrition, wellness, massage, alternative therapies, holistic health, meditation, mindfulness and creativity throughout the year.


Ierokipio Retreats are offered for both men and women as a wonderful opportunity for anyone who desires to avoid the noise of the city, escape their everyday routine and reach the calmness and surrendering of the Cyprus nature.


Ierokipio Retreats are offered in different durations such as weekend or weeklong retreats, and they are a way to combine holidays alongside a relaxing yet revitalizing time. They include daily scheduled activities at the site, excursions in nature, and some free time alongside organic, homegrown, nutritious and delicious food, freshly prepared for our guests.


We wish to create a be-at-home environment for our visitors, one that pleases and nourishes all, therefore we offer also food that is especially prepared for people with food intolerances and allergies.

Design & Consultancy

Tours & Visits

This half day experience will teach you about Permaculture/ sustainable agriculture, as well as get you into the mind-set of work with nature instead of working against it

IEROKIPIO farm grows a variety of fruit, vegetables and super foods which you’ll be able to taste fresh off the trees during your tour – and even take home with you!

After the farm tour, that will really build up your appetite,  you’ ll enjoy a homemade lunch prepared from fresh organic produce.  


Meals are typically vegetarian/vegan, and more importantly incredibly nutritious and delicious!

Book Us

Whether is about Permaculture talks, workshops, events, or education visits, we are able to offer it, either at IEROKIPIO or your venue.

Our permaculture design embodies a whole-systems approach. We embed your vision for the land within the ecosystems that keep it healthy and abundant.


Permaculture Designs Cyprus (PDC) has the experience in reading and working with natural systems. This, paired with our efficient, aesthetic and functional permaculture design approach, creates systems that will thrive for years to come.

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