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Retreats in the heart of the island of Cyprus

Ierokipio Permaculture Land and Training Center offers a number of retreats in yoga, health, nutrition, wellness, massage, alternative therapies, holistic health, meditation, mindfulness and creativity throughout the year. Ierokipio Retreats are offered for both men and women as a wonderful opportunity for anyone who desires to avoid the noise of the city, escape their everyday routine and reach the calmness and surrendering of the Cyprus nature. Ierokipio Retreats are offered in different durations such as weekend or weeklong retreats, and they are a way to combine holidays alongside a relaxing yet revitalizing time. They include daily scheduled activities at the site, excursions in nature, and some free time alongside organic, homegrown, nutritious and delicious food, freshly prepared for our guests. We wish to create a be-at-home environment for our visitors, one that pleases and nourishes all, therefore we offer also food that is especially prepared for people with food intolerances and allergies.

Fresh Feta Salad
Dinner Party
Wild Path
Yoga by the Pool
Fresh Mojitos
Olive Grove
Man Gardening
Rocket Salad

At Ierokipio Permaculture Land, with much care and thoughtfulness we offer quality retreats that aim for specific purposes and are addressed to people with specific needs as openness to the accomplishment of these needs. Therefore the retreats vary in subjects or combine a number of related practices in order to offer a holistic approach to our visitors. Distinctive professionals in health, yoga, nutrition and wellness hold Ierokipio Retreats with dedication and responsibility, while caring for our guests as individuals and as part of the group. Throughout the retreats participants have the opportunity to receive personal coaching and consultation, if needed, and they have the chance to share and be part of group activities if they choose to. During free time participants can spend their time as they wish in Ierokipio Land and our unique facilities, or visit neighboring areas, places, villages, and the beach.


Visit again this page for our upcoming retreats’ announcements at Ierokipio. 

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