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Design & Consultancy

IEROKIPIO Land Design 3
Industiral Design Car Sketch 2

As a part of our services Gabriel and his Permaculture partner & dear friend Sofia Matsi of Petrera Permaculture Land,  are able to offer Design & Consultation for various projects for Rural and Urban enviroments.


Gabriel’ s and Sofia’ s approach on Permaculture Design embodies a synergistic outcome within the ecosystems where your vision for the land is met through abundance, sustainability and resiliency.


Gabriel & Sofia have the experience and the skills in decoding and understanding natural ecosystems in order to properly create unique customized holistic designs that incorporate functionality, efficiency, resiliency, and aesthetics and that will thrive as they develope through time.


To find more about Gabriel & Sofia please visit their Facebook page at:


For example of permaculture design and inspiration, please contact us at:


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