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Tours & Visits

IEROKIPIO purpose is to act as a real demonstration and educational showcase site, where people have the chance to experience with various ways, including “hands on”, what Permaculture is, and what it stands for.  


In our guided half day tour we aim to offer a diversified and informative experience on our premises, offering the chance to people to have an insight in the different ways of farming and living in a sustainable and resilient way, practising and honouring the ethics & principles of Permaculture.


Gabriel will guide you through several different parts of the land, demonstrating and explaining the history, the design process, the implementation and the characteristics of the design, resulting in a living breathing ecosystem that demonstrates sustainability and resilience.  During the whole experience and upon the completion of the tour, Gabriel will be happy to to answer all your questions and try to respond to specific requests.


This is the perfect opportunity for everybody to have fun, get educated and become inspired on learning more about Permaculture! 


(Read about Permaculture HERE)


At the moment we don’ t have a Tour Day scheduled, but please check again soon for the enouncement.

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