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IEROKIPIO Permaculture Land & Training Center offers the opportunity through different pathways for individuals, organised groups and corporate section members, to become inspired, empowered and to initiate action in their path/life.  Our team & partners will encourage you and provide you with the skills, the experiences and support for you to create a resilient, regenerative and abundant lifestyle.  You can host us for your event or we can organise an event for you at IEROKIPIO Land, or any other venue of your preference.


IEROKIPIO team & partners are available for booking for public or private lectures & talks, hands-on workshops, full courses & training programs, retreats, radio & tv programs, interviews, or as guest speakers and instructors for your events. 


We at IEROKIPIO understands that knowledge & information is not our to keep, but instead they are seeds that need to spread around to grow and bring abundance, prosperity and beauty in our lives.  For this reason we are always ready to share this with non-profits, schools & universities, community initiatives, and institutional organizations free or at a donation basis, depending the situation.



IEROKIPIO team & partners, can speak on a number of issues including:


  • Permaculture Systems & Design - as a Holistic, Regenerative & Resilient alternative way to exit the Crisis and save ourselves & the Planet.

  • Natural & Alternative Building-using green or up cycled materials

  • Renewable Energy - different ways of producing & saving energy

  • Water Management for Dry lands - Rainwater harvesting, Greywater & Blackwater Treatment, Earthworks, Ponds, Dams etc.

  • Homestead Resiliency-How to Bulletproof and adapt to climate change your homestead, farm, or company.

  • Food Security & Ethical Eating 

  • Seed Saving - Heirloom seeds and the importance of saving them.

  • Community building: Eco Villages & Intentional Communities

  • Regenerative agriculture systems & Land Restoration-Soil fertility and ecosystems regenaration

 …plus many more. Please contact us for a specific subject.

If you are interested to find out more on how you can book us, please send us an enquiry or give us a call at 000357-99650147 and we will be more than happy to chat with you about your event.

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