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Permaculture in the Heart of the Island


“IEROKIPIO” is a Permaculture Designed Land and Training Center, owned by Permaculture Designer & Teacher Gabriel Pandelis.


"IEROKIPIO" Permaculture Land & Training Center is a  2,700 square meters Permaculture* designed Land, demonstration and educational center site, dedicated on displaying and sharing regenerative land development and management practices based on permaculture principles, techniques and strategies. We are located just 2 Kilometers from Mitsero Village, just 25 minutes drive from the capital of the Island, Nicosia. 


*Permaculture is an ecological design system that draws heavily from indigenous, local wisdom as well as cutting edge science to help individuals and communities maximize local resources toward sustainable production, generation, and recycling of food, water, energy, housing, and other resources.  Read more here.



A place where the Permaculture ethics; Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share are coming alive through love and abundance. An example and prototype of permaculture life that inspires and enables others to bring the change they want to see in this world. 



  • To create a safe and beautiful environment where people from the local community and visitors, can share ideas, knowledge and skills in Permaculture and Ethical Living.

  • To experience a sense of community through social gatherings, educational events and joined activities.

  • To provide a space in the local community for people to come and learn how to grow, prepare, cook and preserve their own food in order to achieve self-sufficiency and empowerment.    


To empower the next generations with the understanding, love, and respect for each other and the Planet Earth, by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and connections needed to create regenerative and resilient ecosystems, communities, lifestyles and thriving economies .


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