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What we need!

We need your junk! ….and volunteers to play with it ;-)


At the moment IEROKIPIO is under a major transformation with a number of projects going on and the need for funds and materials are high. 


As our major target when we begun this journey, we set up our intention of using scrap and upcycled/recycled materials as much as possible.  Starting from the hosts house, we used more than 65% of junk & upcycled materials to build it, and then we continued and build an outdoor kitchen, a compost toilet and an outdoor shower, all made with materials that we got free, either from junk yards, friends or from donations. 


We strongly believe that everything can be re-used, all it needs is a bit of imagination, basic skills and some knowledge. That way we make sure that will not end up in dumpsters and pollute our planet more.


If you think you may have something that we can use, then please have a look at the list below and let us know.  You can contact us at: or give us a call at 00357-99650147 (Gabriel) and we can talk about it.  If the materials are appropriate for use, we can always arrange for pickup from your space.

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