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Introduction to Permaculture

Immerse yourself into the lifechanging experience of Permaculture

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Biochar Workshop

Learn how to make BIOCHAR and replenish your soil!

Biochar is propably one of the most effective Soil remediation techniques know to man today.  

Grey Water Systems Workshop

Learn how to build a Grey Water system using a reed bed

This workshop aims to teach you different ways for treating water for different uses.  You will learn how to design and construct a grey water systems using a reed bed.

Geodesic Dome Construction Workshop

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Learn how to design, construct and erect your own Geodesic Dome with steel tubes, wood, or recycled materials and use it for any of the following:

-Extra summer room, storage area or garage
-greenhouse or Aquaponics
-studio (yoga, fine arts, dance, meditation, etc.)
-shop, kiosk, pavilion

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