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Training Programs at Ierokipio Permaculture Land

Ierokipio Permaculture Land and Training Center offers training programs in a number of fields and subjects such as Permaculture, Art, Yoga and other practices. These training programs are carefully planned and organized, with responsibility and care by the Ierokipio hosts, in collaboration with distinctive professionals who conduct the training programs while aiming to offer to the participants the most out of what they are seeking for. Ierokipio facilities are offered, arranged and used in the best possible way for the purpose of each training program and for the ease and comfort of the participants, teachers and the training program itself. Ierokipio Land is a unique place where various activities, ideas and requirements can be accomplished because of its resourceful, multipurpose and flexible attribute.

During their training, participants have the opportunity to visit and meet practitioners who reside in the surrounding areas. The Ierokipio crew creates these connections while bringing participants in contact with professionals from the field of Permaculture, Art and other related practices, which are close to the interests and training subject of the participants/students. Apart from the intensive schedule of the training programs, participants have the opportunity to enjoy other activities at the site, relax at Ierokipio Land and our unique facilities, plan excursions in nature, make visits in surrounding areas, or share some free time while enjoying our organic, homegrown, nutritious and delicious food. We serve vegan food and make food adjustments for people with food intolerances and allergies as we care for everyone’s health and wellbeing especially during their stay at Ierokipio.


Visit again this page for our upcoming training programs’ announcements at Ierokipio.

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