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Our Hosts 

Christina & Gabriel - Our story

Christina and Gabriel met in the beautiful land of IEROKIPIO when Christina was seeking the proper advice and assistance for an ethical way of creating a self-made camping site in the hills of Mitsero for the festival she was organizing at that time. Even before that moment something started to happen between them until they realized that they were deeply in love…since then everything else began to unfold.

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Christina’s and Gabriel’s mutual respect and admiration towards Mother Earth, their wish and quest towards change, and the many things they have in common, have created a strong bond between them. And the most important thing…they don’t get bored with each other. It seems that together they can do much more, so they have chosen each other not only for the sake of love, but also for the benefit they may bring to others through their joint endeavors. 

Christina is a dedicated yogini, a determined activist for the regeneration of the earth, and a humble admirer of the sun. She likes to be outdoors, get her hands dirty in planting vegetables and share her time with openhearted people. She becomes passionate about foraging and she loves to cook wildfood.

Gabriel is a multitasker, a construction maker, a humorous wizard and a loving and caring friend for everyone. He likes to dream big, get into new ideas and dedicate his little free time to family and friends. He becomes passionate about sustainable living and food from Christina’s hands.

Both avid learners and explorers, their actions come from the foundation of Permaculture and the Permaculture Ethics and Principles. Together they play music, they sing songs and they disappear in nature during the weekends. They love to travel and discover new places, cuisines, meet people and meditate together. They dedicated their selves to each other in the same way as they have dedicated themselves in this wonderful journey and mission for Permacultu-rising. 

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