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Open Call for Volunteers

March 2020-June 2020


We are looking for volunteers for the activities and work that will take place in our Permaculture Land for the period of the months: March 2020 to June 2020, as well as the new academic year, starting around mid or late September.

  • Planting, sowing, maintenance and harvesting of vegetable garden

  • Irrigation systems installing & maintenance of trees

  • Constructions & Projects based on the Permaculture*** system:

    • swales

    • mulching

    • water harvesting

    • wicking beds & raised beds/sunken beds

    • Keyhole gardens & herb spirals

    • Dehydrators & Solar Panels

    • Water Harvesting & Grey-water systems

    • Pond Construction…and many more

  • Cleaning the land

  • - Create pathways using up cycled & recycled materials

  • Maintenance work….and many more

All the above will be done under the guidance of Gabriel** in a friendly and comfortable environment. We would like to know the abilities and talents of our volunteers as well as their interests. In this way, a proper job assignment and learning can happen, keeping joy, enthusiasm and appetite for work.

Our meetings with volunteers aim to have an equal and healthy exchange between IEROKIPIO* and its volunteers where IEROKIPIO will receive the help and support it needs while volunteers will have the opportunity to train on many subjects and learn techniques pertaining to permaculture through the practical work they will engage in IEROKIPIO.
With every visit, volunteers will receive vegetarian delicious meals that we will prepare for our volunteers and also some of the organic products that we may have available. Also our regular volunteers will be able to take advantage of offers and reduced prices in our workshops or even free participation wherever possible.
The working time for volunteers is approximately 9:00 - 13:00 or 14:00 - 17:00 for the days: Wednesday, and / or Saturday. Other days may be arranged, so talk to us.  Volunteers have the opportunity to choose the day or days they would like to be with us as well as their shift - morning or afternoon. The maximum working time for our volunteers is 4-5 hours for each day they want to work, and they can if they want to be with us more than one day a week for the time they want.
It is with great pleasure that we are communicating this open call and, equally, with great pleasure, we would like to share with you the experience, knowledge, evolution and the dynamics of self-sufficiency that Permaculture can offer.  What do you say; Will you join us?

If you are interested and if you are coming to the estate for at least one voluntary visit, please contact us personally at 99650147 (Gabriel).  Since our time is very limited we kindly ask you to contact us by phone only, rather than by messaging on Facebook or sms, to have a more direct and brief communication that is very important for the minimum time we have.
We are waiting for you with love and joy!

To learn more about IEROKIPIO please go here.
** To find out more about our Host, Gabriel, please go here.
***To learn more about PERMACULTURE go here.

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