Christina Georgiou

Co-Hostess/ Artist & Educator

Christina is a seeker of truth and a guide to the expression of the authentic Self. 


By traveling to countless countries and places, Christina finds herself in several cultural references without identifying herself with a single nation or country, rather with the timeless and spaceless richness of the soul manifesting within the physical realm, provided by Mother Earth.

Christina is an established artist. She has presented her work worldwide through solo and group exhibitions, live performances, collaborative projects, publications, public talks, presentations and educational projects that took place at international biennials, exhibition spaces, galleries, museums, cultural halls, conferences, institutions, festivals and at various sites in natural and urban spaces.

Christina’s deep gratitude and love towards Nature and Mother Earth is what motivates her artistic creation, spiritual  practice and everyday actions towards a sustainable living, zero waste lifestyle, conscious consumerism and ethical veg(etari)anism. After receiving her initiation in Yoga, and after the completion of a Permaculture Design Course (PDC), she dedicated herself into the proper understanding, application and transmission of the Ethical Codes of Yoga alongside the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture to others through her teachings, which are deeply rooted in compassion. Christina encourages a conscious and holistic way of living by example, while educating people through workshops, seminars, daily actions and posts presented in the social media.


Christina holds a BA in Fine Arts from Kingston University London and a MA in Live Art and Performance Studies from Theatre Academy Helsinki. She is a certified Yoga & Tantra teacher and she accomplished further studies and experience in visual arts, performance art, curating, creative thinking, writing, music, singing, experimental dance and movement exploration, somatic methods, meditation, mindfulness, alternative and complementary therapies, nutrition, permaculture, transpersonal psychology, energy healing, quantum physics, spirituality and metaphysics. Christina brought together a vast number of practices and methods, and alongside her own discoveries and inventions born from her personal experience, she created the innovative "SenseSelfEssence" ( 


Consequently Christina’s intentions and activities span across various areas and fields that have been brought all together into one platform in order to fulfill a vision that alongside her transformative leadership skills works for the benefit of all. Christina believes that her higher purpose in this life is to lead others into the path of self-realization and assist them to find their true Self, in order to evolve and become leaders themselves.

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